Why Can’t I Move My Neck?

Until I looked through Salinas chiropractors in order to find a solution to my neck pain, I couldn’t adequately explain why I couldn’t move my neck one morning after I woke up. I’m getting older and it isn’t unusual to wake up after a night’s rest to various aches and pains. Actually, I’ve joked around with friends and family members about how badly I can hurt myself while sleeping. But when I woke up and had almost no range of motion in my neck, I knew something was different. What could possibly have happened to cause this injury?

While I looked for a chiropractor, I tried to recall if I’d been involved in some accident that could suddenly manifest days or weeks later. I hadn’t been in a car accident, I hadn’t fallen recently, and really I couldn’t think of a single thing that could cause this problem. Then I started thinking of other, more sinister possibilities. Could it be cancer? Everyone knows how that goes when you’re trying to diagnose a sudden and strange ailment. I decided to just make the appointment and get in instead of playing doctor with my problem. I didn’t need to whip myself into a frenzy.

The chiropractor diagnosed the problem correctly, and it’s actually pretty funny. It was my pillows. They’re old and need replacing and that did eventually do the trick. I just slept at the wrong angle one night and the muscles locked up. He still did some movements on my neck and in no time at all I had full range of motion again. Whew! It’s always nice when something scary has a benign and happy solution. So now I’ve got a neck that feels great and an excuse to go out and buy some really fancy and comfortable pillows for my bed. It’s a win all around.