Moving into Our Unit Very Soon

When I looked at to get as many details as I could on the units available there, I was really happy that I could see the different floor plans. While we only have a young son and an even younger daughter, I was still interested in having four bedrooms if at all possible. My father lives in Canada, but I was hoping he would come and stay with us for a few weeks at a time at least twice a year. I wanted him to have his own bedroom while here, and I was actually hoping he may enjoy it so much that he would just stay.

Looking at the four bedroom units, I was very happy with everything that I saw. I decided I liked the E1 design the best because it would give my father a really nice sized room when he comes. When he is not here, then we will just use it as a guest room for other occasional visitors. There are two bathrooms, and the utility room is right by all the bedrooms, which will make laundry days much easier. The rest of the layout is just as nice too!

The kitchen is quite large, and it opens out into the dining area. The living room is next to the dining room. For the length of the dining room and living room, there is a huge balcony with an incredible view. That is just the inside too. Going outside, there are more things to do here than we could have ever imagined. My husband loves to play tennis, and I enjoy swimming. The kids will have their own play areas here. There is not a single thing here that we will not use, and we are just getting really excited about moving into our own unit here very soon.