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I’m Grateful for All the Good Times I’ve Had with My Parent

There is a monuments dealer in Essex County NJ that is located on a street that I drive down every night on my way home from work. I have thought often about how great it is that there are people who own these types of businesses that will be there for you when you need them one day. On the other hand, I have often tried not to look at that same business when I drive home because I can’t bear the thought of losing one of my loved ones. I had no choice last week when I had to call them and pay for a headstone because my father is in the hospital and will not make it.

My dad and mom divorced when I was a baby in the 1970s. Continue reading

Canada Geese Were Messing Up My Property

I am the owner of a very successful hotel here in New Jersey. My parents started it before I was even born, and I took over after graduating from college. I have put a lot of work in upgrading and maintaining our buildings and amenities, and our landscaping is a source of pride and joy for me. Last year, there was a problem with geese, and I had no idea what to do at first. That was solved when I did a search for Canada geese control in NJ though. I had no idea what I was going to find when I did this, but it was certainly not the humane solution I found.

The geese were a problem mainly because of their droppings. Continue reading

You Now Can Bake Things without an Oven

If you read a headline along the line of “cake recipe ideas without oven” or something and you were surprised, that’s probably because you think there is some fancy techniques involved in the making of said treats. You would probably think that it requires some kind of knowledge previously unknown to you to be able to bake without the presence of an oven and you would be forgiven to think that way, really. In reality, it only takes you a really good pan to be able to whip some baked goods. Sure, ideally, an oven is a much better tool to use when it comes to baking stuff. However, you will have to work with what you got and be creative when you have got to be so. The heat should be set to low so everything would not be overcooked yet you would still be able to make sure that things are cooked evenly. If possible, choose a pan that comes with its own lid—if not, choose a lid that will cover the entire thing tightly. You are essentially making a makeshift oven so the inside of the pan must be sort of sealed closely to trap the heat. As such, you are also forbidden from lifting up the lid for too many times lest you risk releasing the heat and your goods wouldn’t be baked properly.

Be wise when it comes to the amount of sugar you use on the dough. Sugar is easily burnt—even when you are using an oven. Excessive use of sugar will ruin your baked goods so make sure you stick to what the recipe calls for. If even after following the recipe the resulting dough is still not quite as what you would like, you can rely on other sweet stuff on the recipe like, say, dried fruit or chocolate.

On the subject of eggs, make sure that you use ones that are in room temperature. Eggs fresh out of the fridge is too cold and when you use them without letting them warm up to room temperature, the dough will not rise properly and your baked goods will turn out to be a dud eventually. On the subject of mixing all the ingredients, make sure that you do not over-mix. Over-mix dough is a recipe for a disaster as when they are exposed to heat, your baked goods are going to be all over the place, over-expanding so much that their intended shape is nowhere to find. For what it is worth, oven-less method is practically suitable more for cookies than for cakes. Cakes are way trickier to deal with so a proper oven is required to prepare them. Cookies involve less complicated ingredients and virtually no steps sensitive to the end results. As such, stick to raising agents more appropriate for cookies like baking powder or baking soda, or the combo of the two. Using other raising agents commonly used with cakes will give you nothing but clumps of failure that bring you down.

Why Can’t I Move My Neck?

Until I looked through Salinas chiropractors in order to find a solution to my neck pain, I couldn’t adequately explain why I couldn’t move my neck one morning after I woke up. I’m getting older and it isn’t unusual to wake up after a night’s rest to various aches and pains. Actually, I’ve joked around with friends and family members about how badly I can hurt myself while sleeping. But when I woke up and had almost no range of motion in my neck, I knew something was different. What could possibly have happened to cause this injury?

While I looked for a chiropractor, I tried to recall if I’d been involved in some accident that could suddenly manifest days or weeks later. Continue reading

Energy gadget smart universal charger for your electronics

Solar compact usb charger is a cool energy gadget for all you gadgets users. It is an smart universal charger for any accessory with an usb port, Cell phones, MP3 players, I pods, laptops, any many more. They charger just as good as your normal battery chargers.

When you are out and your cell phone battery is going dead, or going for a jog while listening to your I pod and the battery goes dead and you are stuck. You can just pull out your solar compact usb charger to charge the dead battery.

There are 3 ways you can charge the battery on you solar charger. You can plug it into an outlet, use your pc to charge the battery, or you can use the sun light to charge the battery. When you use the sunlight to charge your battery it will take a little longer than when you use an electrical outlet or PC usb port. It does not matter how you charge it but it will be ready for you anytime you need it.

The solar power usb charger is a battery that you charge, and it holds the charge into you is ready to use it. There are several different solar power usb charger and the price ranges from 30 to 50 dollars. They weigh very little and it is small in size so you do not have to carry bulky equipment around.

When you are going on a trip and you carry your I pod, cell phone, digital camera, and your gps system things that will make your trip more enjoyable, you do not need to carry all the power cords with you because the smart universal charger is all you need to charge all your electronics.

There are many energy gadget in the market that will make your life more easier and also save you money. Technology is improving daily no telling what they are going to come out with next so keep your eyes open for these green technology products.

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